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One Of The Best Drainage Service Providers In Newcastle upon Tyne Welcomes You

Are you in need of urgent drainage services in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Are you in need of some expert advice? Through our online form you can get a quote or make a booking. Our highly trained customer service agents are ready and eager to help. First, we find the real cause for the breakage or corrosion.

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Welcome to Drainage Newcastle upon Tyne

Depending on how serious the problem is; our qualified technicians can fix any of your broken drain pipes or underground channels that have deteriorated from friction. Their first goal will be to determine the root cause of deterioration . We then conduct an exhaustive drain inspection in order to identify all the damaged areas. Our experts utilize the latest CCTV technology to locate and fix the damaged pipes. By hiring Newcastle Drainage in Newcastle upon Tyne, you will be hiring a team of experts who know and use the best drain repair materials to ensure long - lasting solutions for your drains.

Popular Blocked Drain Problems include:

  • Clogged Showers and Baths
  • Blockage in Drains
  • Wash Basin Will Not Drain
  • Drainage Fixing

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Sometimes drains need to be totally replaced, other times a repair is as simple as reinforcing any cracks. Newcastle Drainage uses up - to - date technology that can make the necessary repairs without disturbing the drain. Our experts can fill any cracks, gaps and fissures by permeating a polyester sleeve with resin and placing it into the drain to reline it. Then an air or water inversion technique is applied to expand the sleeve.

After leaving the newly - inserted pipe to cure for a few hours, the inflation hose is then removed, leaving a totally repaired and secured drain pipe. Since we have inserted a sleeve, the diameter of the pipe can be reduced by up to 6mm, but this won't affect the performance of the drain. The result is a free flowing pipe without leaks. We have fixed prices

Cleaning the Drains

If your sinks, toilets or baths drain slowly, you require a thorough drainage cleaning service. Newcastle Drainage uses a high powered tool that removes debris from pipes and improves the flow. We make use of a wide range of high - tech, high - pressure jet cleaners to clean drains of all sizes quickly and effectively. Speak to our agent now on 0800 061 4703 before it gets worse!

At our Newcastle upon Tyne office, experts are sitting at the phone lines ready to take your call. Deposits of fat/grease are a common reason for blocked drainages and can be cleared using our chemical agents and high pressure jet. Blocked drains can also be caused by tree root infestation. Don't hesitate to call us if you notice the signs.

Inspection and Survey of Drains

It is common practice to carry out a regular inspection on your drainage system. Our Newcastle Drainage team in Newcastle upon Tyne advises regular inspections. Let's work together to detect any small problems before they get out of hand. Think of it as a 'health check' on your drainage. It could be helpful during insurance claims and when buying a property.

Our professionals use the most advanced CCTV technology. Contact us here for a quote. You'll come away from inspection with a detailed report of our survey. The technologies we use ensure that we are able to collect detailed information on all drainage systems, including underground drainage channels and sewer pipes. We encourage our customers to oversee our work and to get periodic explanations about the methods implemented.

The most common problems include:

  • Collapsed Pipes
  • Tree root damage
  • Debris Blockages
  • Removing Blockage for Kitchen Drains

It is not unusual to notice a slow draining sink after cooking. They are often blocked by small pieces of food and oily residues. We can unblock your kitchen drains using our high pressure jet cleaners. At Newcastle Drainage, we do not charge extra for call out services, so our quick response technicians will save you money. You can book your appointment online through our online contact form.

All our drainage services come at fixed costs Newcastle Drainage can carry out a thorough drain inspection that will identify the problem areas with the latest CCTV technology, after which our technicians isolate affected drains and unblock them. Don't hesitate! Call us now.