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Welcome To Newcastle Drainagex - Home Of Sewer Relining In Newcastle upon Tyne

We are now offering Newcastle Drainagex in Newcastle upon Tyne and as a nationwide sewer relining service we are renowned for our experience, expertise and first rate service that we have been delivering to customers for decades. We carry out our sewer relining service in a quick and professional manner ensuring you do not endure too much disruption. Our service is guaranteed for the standard 10 years but the satisfaction we offer lasts a lot longer!

When To Know That You Need Us In Newcastle upon Tyne

  • When your sewer has a leakage or a blockage, many different factors can cause this including corroded, worn or old pipes;Encroachment of tree roots, infiltration of ground water, vermin and pipe holes can also be the cause, as well as traffic from motorists.
  • Usually, you can tell if you need our services if you discover unexplained dampness in the building, bad odour, ground leaks, sewer blockages or cracks on the floor around your sewer.
  • Don't hesitate to call us if there is an obstruction or crack in your sewer.
  • We are certain, with our years of expertise to reline your sewer with the greatest care of industry standards, being sensitive to your need to get back to normal, while doing so with unbeatable prices.

Sewer Relining Services In Newcastle upon Tyne

What We Do

Once you ask for our service, we will first come to see the condition of the sewer. This enables us to determine the best option for repairing it. We use hi - tech CCTV camera in order to identify the real problem with the sewer. After deciding relining is necessary the camera is also used to enable us to see how the sewer is laid out and this will then help us establish what relining method to use.

We also have special test techniques to understand how your sewer connects with buildings, which will guide us as we reline your sewer. Next, using our high - powered flush valves, we thoroughly wash the damaged pipe. This is to remove any blockage or obstruction for the actual relining.

Our Service Timeline For Sewer Relining In Newcastle upon Tyne

Most of our relining services can be carried out in only a few hours depending on the issue. In normal circumstances, no sewer job takes Newcastle Drainagex more than three days. We are pprofessional in our services and know what we are doing. We first carry out a pre - lining inspection to know what is required and get the tools ready for the actual process.

Once we have carried out the relining work we then inspect what we have done to ensure it has been completed correctly. As we guarantee top quality services to you, our method used also do the job in the least amount of time. What are you waiting for? Whether it's an emergency situation or you simply want us to carry out a precautionary inspection, contact us now and we will get the job done.

What Our Newcastle upon Tyne Sewer Relining Service Offers You:

We do not dig and have no risk of damage Improved Strength of Structure Increased Flow It is fast and durable

Our Newcastle upon Tyne Professionals:

We only use staff thet are fully certified, trained and equipped to operate professionally. Our technicians regularly update their knowledge on the latest technology and techniques in sewer relining. We never need to consult or outsource. We always have the staff needed for a job.

You Are Educated On What You Are Paying For With Newcastle Drainagex

We do not try to impress or confuse you with technical terms. Nor do we tell you what we're going to do and expect you to take our word for it as professionals.

We work closely with you and let you understand the entire process. We will inspect your sewer with our CCTV camera and show you our findings.

For Professional Sewer Relining Services In Newcastle upon Tyne, Call Us

It is normal to conduct frequents drainage checks We advise every x months at Newcastle Drainagex, Newcastle upon Tyne

It makes you identify and curb small issues before they worsen Consider it as a health checkup for your drain

Total Service Is Just A Call Away

You will find it useful for property purchase and insurance claims. Our professionals use modern CCTV equipment to carry our their surveys After our survey, we will provide you with a thorough report on the details of your sewer system When we have finished our work, we will run our CCTV camera through the new lining and show you what we've done. We encourage you to ask questions to our technicians so that you can learn what they are doing.

Get your sewer fixed now before it becomes an emergency. It is dangerous and inconvenient. Call us now for a quick, professional relining service that will ensure you don't have worry about it again. We will ensure the job is completed with the least amount of fuss. You can also rest assured that we will occasionally inspect your sewer for you to make sure you have no problems in the future.

Hurry up and contact us now, we promise to offer you service that will exceed even your best expectations.

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